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West Berkshire Council

Council Offices, Market St, Newbury RG14 5LD, UK – 01635 551111


West Berkshire Council Recycling Centre

Newtown Rd, Greenham, Newbury RG20 9AG, UK – 01635 519080

After complaining a few years back with how I was talked to for not parking in correct manner (* warning:potential for apathy/boredom if staff aren't rotated to work different bays; I witnessed offhand/power trip aspect creeping in on my last trip to the tip ; it is a job that is to be respected by employer employee and the drivers alike....yes I'm very sure there's negative and unacceptable behaviour by both service user and staff - I've seen very rude and patronising drivers for example) ...but from then receiving a letter of apology from the council I had from then on superb dealings with management; I stopped short at saying yes to having the particular staff member be made to apologise for his attitude (it smacked of subservience docked cap etc), the bays were changed to what we see today and I've not had any reason to comment on behaviour-...it's on the whole a well run establishment; I'd agree that perhaps in vigilance to check on permits there may be less staff energies placed on instructing drivers where bays are available and I DO question the sanity to have the permits, but for the intensity of workload and the many bays to accommodate as many forms of recycling I think they do s pretty good job

Obviously, I'm not happy that I can no longer go to my local Recycling Centre in Reading, but while the councils are playing silly, childish games, we are now forced to drive from Reading to Newbury to deposit our waste. At least this tip has friendly, helpful staff. There was no wait when I went on a Saturday morning, but I imagine it can get very busy. It is outdoors, though, so you are at the mercy of the elements, hence only four stars.

Shaw House (West Berkshire Council)

Church Rd, Newbury RG14 2DR, UK – 01635 279279

A very good place for seminars and business networking events. Good facilities in an interesting historical building

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